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Lucinda Williams - Lucinda Williams


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Τίτλος:Lucinda Williams - Lucinda Williams
Label: Lucinda Williams Records
Είδος: Rock
Αριθμός CD: 2
Κυκλοφορία : 14/1/2014



Disc 1:

1. I Just Wanted to See You so Bad 

2. The Night's Too Long

3. Abandoned

4. Big Red Sun Blues

5. Like a Rose

6. Changed the Locks

7. Passionate Kisses

8. Am I Too Blue

9. Crescent City

10. Side of the Road

11. Price to Pay

12. I Asked for Water (He Gave Me Gasoline)

Disc 2:

1. I Just Wanted to See You so Bad (Eindhoven Live)

2. Big Red Sun Blues (Eindhoven Live)

3. Am I Too Blue (Eindhoven Live)

4. Crescent City (Eindhoven Live)

5. The Night's Too Long (Eindhoven Live)

6. Something About What Happens When We Talk

7. Factory Blues (Eindhoven Live)

8. Happy Woman Blues (Eindhoven Live)

9. Abandoned (Eindhoven Live

10. Wild and Blue (Eindhoven Live)

11. Passionate Kisses (Eindhoven Live)

12. Changed the Locks (Eindhoven Live)

13. Nothing in Rambling (Eindhoven Live)

14. Sundays (Eindhoven Live)

15. Nothing in Rambling (Live at Kpfk)

16. Disgusted (Live at Kpfk)

17. Side of the Road (Live at Kpfk)

18. Goin' Back Home (Live at Noise)

19. Something About What Happens When We Talk (Live at Kcrw)

20. Sundays (Live at Kcrw)


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