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Hana Šebestová - Utajená

Δημοσιεύτηκε 4/5/2020 18:37

Hana Šebestová comes from Holíč, Slovakia. After graduating from Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (Teaching Visual Art and Music) she worked for six years as a teacher at the Art and Music School in Holíč. Hana has been dedicating herself to music since childhood. She writes her own songs and actively engages in jazz music as both listener and singer/songwriter. Recording a music album and reaching other people with her music has been her lifelong dream.

Hana Šebestová’s debut album Concealed consists of eleven songs, ten out of which are original pieces with primarily Slovak lyrics.

These are mostly songs from Hana’s earlier work. The album is enriched by two songs in English – the first being a standard jazz song, the second a ballad created in co-operation with the world-renowned jazz musician Kevin Hays, who is a special guest on the album.

The tracks are of various character. They metaphorically describe interpersonal relationships, the singer’s relationship to nature and the universe, as well as to Slovak folklore and traditions. Some tracks tell humorous stories about the relationship between a man and woman.

The tracks differ musically, too: the creators used various keys, meter, pace, and the tracks consist of jazz harmonies and arrangements, while also carrying elements of various music styles, such as folk, ethno, classical music, blues or pop.

The exceptional Slovak jazz pianist Ľuboš Šrámek contributed to the arrangements and is the musical producer of the album.

Top musicians from the world of both jazz and classical music participated on the album.

Kevin Hays (vocal, special guest)

Hana Šebestová (vocals)

Ľuboš Šrámek (piano, synths)

Matúš Jakabčic (guitar)

Tomáš Baroš (ac.bass)

Juraj Griglák (ac.bass, el.bass)

Marián Ševčík (drums)

Peter Raitl (percussion)

Barbora Kolářová (flute)

Robert Holota (oboe)

Ján Marcis (flugelhorn)

Samuel Šimek (trumpet, flugelhorn)

Palo Ruček (alto & tenor sax)

Peter Kula (alto & tenor sax)

Nikolaj Nikitin (tenor sax)

Milan Osadský (accordion)

Mucha Quartet (strings):

Juraj Tomka (1st violin)

Andrej Baran (2nd violin)

Veronika Prokešová (viola)

Pavol Mucha (cello)

Arrangements by: Ľuboš Šrámek, except track 11

Arrangements track 11 by: Kevin Hays, Hana Šebestová, Ľuboš Šrámek

Vocal arrangements by: Hana Šebestová

Music producer: Ľuboš Šrámek

Executive producers: Hana Šebestová, Music Fund Slovakia

Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Jaro Žigo, Studio LOFT (2015-2016)

Photos: Ellie Kosmidi

Cover design: Martin Fajnor

Cover art work: Creatura

Translation: Jozef Klinga

Published by Hudobný Fond/Music Fund Slovakia, 2016

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