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Vaggelis Paraskevaidis - Indoles


Δημοσιεύτηκε 4/5/2020 17:51

1.         Η ΣΦΗΝΑ (The Wedge) 05:00
2.         ΦΟΡΟΣ ΤΙΜΗΣ ΣΤΗΝ ΕΜΜΑ ΓΚΟΛΝΤΜΑΝ (Tribute to Emma Goldman) 07:18
3.         Ο ΠΑΡΑΤΗΡΗΡΗΣ (The Observer)05:50
4.         ΠΑΠΑΓΑΛΑΚΙ (Perroquet) 02:38
5.         ΡΟΜΠΟΤΙΚΗ ΚΩΜΩΔΙΑ (Robotic Comedy) 02:50
6.         ΛΑΘΟΜΗΧΑΝΗ (Mistake Machine)04:09
7.         ΒΑΣΙΛΙΚΗ (Vassiliki) 04:19
8.         ΚΑΓΚΟΥΡΕΣ! (Kangaroos!) 04:12


These times we are living in are difficult for a very large number of people, and the aforementioned wishes have not been embodied into something tangible for them. 

My album "INDOLES", is at your disposal to download. It is the result of a long period of personal work that would not have been in your possession if I did not have the valuable contribution of some very important music associates / friends. It's also an-as powerful as possible- attempt to create a musical work that will be useful to this category of people I mentioned in the latter, who have not had the privileges and good fortune, that us-most likely- experience. 

The price to pay in order to buy the album in its entirety is 8 euros(tax not included). The entire amount goes to the fund of the GREEK FORUM OF REFUGEES ( in order to fund activities and needs such as: music lessons / purchase new or replacement of old musical instruments for minors-possible future colleagues-to use, whom their families are not able to support their musical studies. The album is available online...  more


released January 1, 2018 


Dimitris Papadopoulos: Trumpet 
Antonis Andreou: Trombone 
Leonidas Sarantopoulos: Flute 
Costis "The Thing" Christodoulou: Grand Piano/ Rhoades keyboard. 
Haris Haralambous: El.Bass 
Dimitris Klonis: Drums 

Sofia Sarri and George Zacharopoulos: Voice (trk4) 

Vicky Skordaly: Narration (trk 2) 

The Frog String Quartet: 
Yiannis Zarias; Violin 
Themis Nikoloudis; Violin 
Michalis Katachanas: Viola 
Alex Kasartzis: Cello 

Vaggelis Paraskevaidis: Vibraphone 


Recorded at SYN-ENA studios (Athens,Greece) 

Yiannis Tavoularis: Recording engineer-Mixing engineer on tracks 4&7

Dionysis Giabanas: Mixing and Mastering engineer. 

Cover art by Yiannis Stathopoulos 

Produced by Vaggelis Paraskevaidis and Tolis Mastrokalos. 

All music was composed and arranged by Vaggelis Paraskevaidis.2017

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