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Los Daytonas - Twang Or Die


Δημοσιεύτηκε 4/5/2020 17:58

Los Daytonas are a genuine instrumental surf band from Madrid (Spain) established in 1997.

Their new LP “Twang Or Die” includes 8 original tunes plus 3 covers on a 180gr. black vinyl.

Although this is a classic instrumental surf album, you will find a cool mix of styles such as: Hot Rod (Big Rod), Spy (La Tapadera), Western (Mátalos Y Vuelve) and various Exotica inspired tracks!!

The album was recorded live in one of the most truly retro studios in Spain: Big Cheff Recording Service; using 40’s, 50’s & 60’s equipment & backline. Mastered at Lightning Recorders, Berlin. Both running through a 100% vintage analogue processing

Produced by Mike Medianoche & Los Daytonas, this recording has plenty of exciting arrangements using castanets, great choirs, tenor sax, organ, vibraphone, marimba & lots of percussions, in order to achieve a very dynamic & unique listening experience

If you enjoy the classic instro twangy sounds from the late 50’s to the mid 60’s era, you shouldn’t miss this BOSS band from Spain!!

under file: sixties instrumental rock, surf, spaghetti western, spy, 60’s, hot rod, exotica.

album credits:

Recorded in November 2017 at Big Cheff Recording Service, Madrid.

Engineered by Pedro Sancho.

Mixed by Paco Alonso.

Mastered by Axel Praefcke at Lightning Recorders, Berlin, Germany.

Produced by Mike Medianoche & Los Daytonas.

Castro bike photo courtesy of “Donzzilla” Don Miller.

Band photo by Irene Palacio.

Package design by Mike Medianoche.

All songs written and arranged by Los Daytonas except: “Big Rod” (“Big Cock,” Sex Museum, Fidias 1987); “Borracho” (Los Brincos, Novola, 1965); “Latin’ia” (The Sentinels, ERA, 1962).

Race engine sounds on “Big Rod” excerpt from the album: “The Big Sounds of the Dragsters I” (Capitol Records, 1963).

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Phone no: (+34)-679017342


  1. Big Rod 02:06     
  2. Impostor 02:05    
  3. Abd El-Krim 02:09          
  4. Oh, Gregoria! 02:07        
  5. Kona Lei 02:44    
  6. Mátalos Y Vuelve 02:17  
  7. El Loner 01:49     
  8. The Hard Men Path 02:39
  9. La Tapadera 02:30           
  10. Borracho 02:28

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