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Michael Paouris (Documentary)

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The beginning takes place with Michael Paouris, the man who achieved to introduce the ‘’Bouzouki’’ into Jazz music and not only, having won many kind of prizes and positive critics worldwide, as much for his speed as for the collaborations and the work has done so far. Below you can also attend him playing one of the ‘’hardest’’ songs for accoustic guitar, according to his words. ( Gipsy Jazz – written by him n inspired from Django Rainheart)


He was born in Tavros, a suburb of Athens, Greece.

  • He began learning the bouzouki when he was 8.
  • He began playing professionally when he was 12. His next teacher Manolis Michalakis recommends him in the composer G. Katsaros  with whom  he collaborated for a limited number of concerts.

Simultaneously, he participates in the team of Nikos Danikas in “Stavros tou Notou” and in “Chamam” (2 of the most well known concert halls in Athens).

  • He participates in competitions of technique and interpretation and he wins the first place at Pan-Hellenic Rewards.

 In his 15 Th. Polykandriotis selects him and he collaborates with him in a lot of concerts for 8 years.

He also performed at the “Megaron, The Athens concert hall”, in his 18, with a symphony orchestra, M.Theodoraki’s pieces. In his 16, he performed live in M. Theodoraki’s play “ A life, Greece”His  teacher Manolis Michalakis, broadened his musical horizons, teaching him moral lessons, the essential love to the music, the way that the natural development comes to the instrument and the essential development of spirit through the music as well.

-     Special moment is considered to be his attendance in the opening ceremony of Olympic Games “Athens 2004” in the piece of Stavros Xarchakos.

He has been teaching students, professionals etc. from all over Greece, aiming at the even approach of music and the correct bases on technique issues based on material that results from his personal research since 2005.

  He has been working as a teacher in the CONSERVATOIRE of ART G.B. FAKANAS since 2010.

Nowadays, he performs with the Michael Paouris’ band in music and concert halls all over the world.

  In November of 2011 he performed live in Greece with the world wide known guitarist Al Di Meola, receiving great reviews by the media and the audience. A common performance with the two of them had already taken place in France in July of 2011.

-    At the same day his 1st cd single ¨enarxis¨ and his 1st book ¨my notes…¨ were released.

He is a part of the documentary “Greece, an economic Odyssey” for the CNBC Africa for which he was presented as the brilliant future of Greece.

-     In December of 2012 he performed Live on stage with The Rosenberg Trio, after his invitation.

-     In December of 2012 he performs with Al Di Meola and Gonzalo Rubalcaba in Athens, Greece for the 3rd time. 

-    At the same day his 2nd double album ¨Disharmony¨ with famous guests was released. Guests: Mimis Plessas and Panos Mouzourakis.

He currently cooperates with Fide Koksal, a well known Turkish singer – performer in Greece and Turkey as well. (Jazz Fusion Concert)

He currently cooperates with Eleni Dimou, a well known Greek singer – performer in Greece and

Europe. (Jazz Fusion Concert)

  In September of 2013 he released his third album but the first with Guitar, “The Guitar Project: VIRTUOSO”.


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